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Threaded Plugs - UNF

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"It was most kind of you to send me a follow up e mail. The goods did arrive safely and were exactly as I ordered. Your service was courteous efficient and exemplary in all respects."
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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortSize (UNF) SortLength - Inches SortLength - mm SortColor SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
TP1831/2 x 200.41310.5mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP1803/8 x 240.3749.5mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP1785/16 x 180.2917.4mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP1795/16 x 240.2917.4mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP1817/16 x 200.43311.0mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP1827/16 x 240.2807.1mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP1931 1/16 x 120.54313.8mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder