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Threaded Plugs - BSP

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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortSize (BSP) SortLength - Inches SortLength - mm SortColor SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
TP131/4 x 190.2566.5mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP201/8 x 280.1654.2mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP2841/2 x 140.2406.1mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP2821/4 x 190.3629.2mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP1681/2 x 140.40610.3mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP4013/4 x 140.2406.1mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP4023/4 x 140.2686.8mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP1703/4 x 140.43311.0mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP223/8 x 190.2175.5mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP2853/8 x 190.2446.2mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP4005/8 x 140.2366.0mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP1695/8 x 140.54713.9mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP1717/8 x 140.53113.5mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP4031 x 110.2245.7mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP1721 x 110.42510.8mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP4041 1/4 x 110.50812.9mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP191 1/4 x 110.59115.0mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP121 1/2 x 110.42510.8mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP1742 x 110.42110.7mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder
TP1753 x 110.44511.30mmRed LDPECallSamplePricesOrder