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Standard Threaded Square Tube Inserts

Benefits of using plastic tube inserts include:

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"Thank you for meeting the required delivery date as it was inside your lead time." P Benjafield, Health Center


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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortThread Size SortOutside Diameter (Inches) SortWall Thickness (inches) SortThread Type SortColor SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
Yti1231/4-200.7500.049 - 0.065MetalBlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Yti1241/4-200.8750.049 - 0.065MetalBlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Yti1251/4-201.0000.049 - 0.065MetalBlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Yti1265/16-181.0000.049 - 0.065MetalBlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Yti1271/4-201.0000.079 - 0.098MetalBlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Yti1285/16-181.0000.079 - 0.098MetalBlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Yti1295/16-181.1250.049 - 0.065MetalBlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Yti1303/8-161.2500.049 - 0.065MetalBlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Yti1315/16-181.2500.079 - 0.098MetalBlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Yti1323/8-161.2500.079 - 0.098MetalBlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Yti1333/8-161.5000.049 - 0.065MetalBlackCallSamplePricesOrder