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Push in feet

Benefits of using Push in feet include:

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"Just to say thank you on your expert help and prompt supply of our requirements. Many thanks."
R Wood, Head of Committee


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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortFit Hole Size - Inches SortPanel Thickness - Inches SortHead Diameter - Inches SortHead Thickness - Inches SortLength - Inches SortColor SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
BS220.2720.0280.4290.3190.504Black PVC1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
PF140.472 to 0.5160.0310.7480.1260.256Black PVC1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
BS40.157 to 0.2680.0590.6220.0590.382Black PVCIn StockSamplePricesOrder
GR30.386 to 0.5000.0630.6060.1060.276Black PVC1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
CM1380.2760.4720.098Black TPEIn stockSamplePricesOrder
PF150.504 to 0.6260.0630.7480.1260.295Black PVC1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
PF170.3740.0630.4920.4720.669Black PVC1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
PF100.1460.0630.3110.0940.276Black PVCIn stockSamplePricesOrder
PF160.087 to 0.1770.0630.4060.0790.299Black PVCIn stockSamplePricesOrder
PF70.228 to 0.2360.0830.4720.1810.598Black PVC1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
PF90.1260.1260.3110.0630.327Black PVC1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
PF110.492 to 0.6020.1970.9960.1570.197Black PVCIn StockSamplePricesOrder