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Protective Netting Heavy Duty

Benefits of using protective netting include:

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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortType SortDiameters Covered - Inches SortLength - Inches SortDiameters Covered - mm SortLength - mm SortColor SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
PRN7LDPE Plastic Mesh0.236 - 0.5121968.5046 - 13mm50 MetresRedCallSamplePricesOrder
PRN8LDPE Plastic Mesh0.512 - 1.0241968.50413 - 26mm50 MetresBlackCallSamplePricesOrder
PRN9LDPE Plastic Mesh1.024 - 1.575984.25226 - 40mm25 MetresOrangeCallSamplePricesOrder
PRN10LDPE Plastic Mesh1.575 - 1.969984.25240 - 50mm25 MetresBrownCallSamplePricesOrder
PRN11LDPE Plastic Mesh1.969 - 2.559984.25250 - 65mm25 MetresWhiteCallSamplePricesOrder
PRN26LDPE Plastic Mesh2.559 - 3.150984.25265 - 80mm25 MetresGreyCallSamplePricesOrder
PRN13LDPE Plastic Mesh3.150 - 3.937984.25280 - 100mm25 MetresYellowCallSamplePricesOrder
PRN14LDPE Plastic Mesh3.937 - 4.921984.252100 - 125mm25 MetresLight BlueCallSamplePricesOrder
PRN15LDPE Plastic Mesh4.921 - 6.299984.252125 - 160mm25 MetresGreenCallSamplePricesOrder
PRN16LDPE Plastic Mesh6.299 - 7.480984.252160 - 190mm25 MetresStrawCallSamplePricesOrder
PRN17LDPE Plastic Mesh7.480 - 8.858984.252190 - 225mm25 MetresRoyal BlueCallSamplePricesOrder