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Square Grips

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"Received next day - service product - spot on."
D Reavell, Manager


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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortSize (D X W in Inches) SortInternal Length (IL in Inches) SortSize (D X W in mm) SortInternal Length (IL in mm) SortColor & Finish SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
SG230.394 x 0.3943.93710mm x 10mm100mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG20.394 x 0.3944.25210mm x 10mm108mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG70.394 x 0.3944.25210mm x 10mm108mmBlack TexturedCallSamplePricesOrder
SG290.433 x 0.4332.95311mm x 11mm75mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG300.433 x 0.4332.95311mm x 11mm75mmBlack TexturedCallSamplePricesOrder
SG310.472 x 0.4722.95312mm x 12mm75mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG320.472 x 0.4722.95312mm x 12mm75mmBlack TexturedCallSamplePricesOrder
SG330.500 x 0.5004.25212.70mm x 12.70mm108mmBlack TexturedCallSamplePricesOrder
SG340.500 x 0.5004.25212.70mm x 12.70mm108mmBlack TexturedCallSamplePricesOrder
SG180.625 x 0.6254.25215.88mm x 15.88mm108mmBlack TexturedCallSamplePricesOrder
SG210.625 x 0.6254.72415.88mm x 15.88mm120mmBlack TexturedCallSamplePricesOrder
SG260.625 x 0.6254.72415.88mm x 15.88mm120mmBlack TexturedICallSamplePricesOrder
SG200.625 x 0.6255.00015.88mm x 15.88mm127mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG90.748 x 0.7484.00019mm x 19mm101.6mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG270.748 x 0.7484.00019mm x 19mm101.6mmBlack Semi MattCallSamplePricesOrder
SG360.748 x 0.7484.72419mm x 19mm120mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG130.748 x 0.7484.72419mm x 19mm120mmBlack TexturedCallSamplePricesOrder
SG10.783 x 0.7833.93719.90mm x 19.90mm100mmBlack TexturedCallSamplePricesOrder
SG170.875 x 0.8754.25222.23mm x 22.23mm108mmBlack TexturedCallSamplePricesOrder
SG280.875 x 0.8755.00022.23mm x 22.23mm127mmBlack TexturedCallSamplePricesOrder
SG80.906 x 0.9061.57523mm x 23mm40mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG380.984 x 0.9843.00025mm x 25mm76.2mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG390.984 x 0.9843.00025mm x 25mm76.2mmBlack Semi MattCallSamplePricesOrder
SG140.984 x 0.9844.25225mm x 25mm108mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG150.984 x 0.9844.25225mm x 25mm108mmBlack TexturedCallSamplePricesOrder
SG120.984 x 0.9845.11825mm x 25mm130mmRed GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG400.984 x 0.9845.11825mm x 25mm130mmBlack TexturedCallSamplePricesOrder
SG241.181 x 1.1813.93730mm x 30mm100mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG111.181 x 1.1814.72430mm x 30mm120mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG161.181 x 1.1814.72430mm x 30mm120mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG191.181 x 1.1815.70930mm x 30mm145mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder
SG221.575 x 1.5754.72440mm x 40mm120mmBlack GlossCallSamplePricesOrder