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Round Inserts 0.500 to 1.000

Benefits of using plastic tube inserts include:

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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortOutside Diameter Of Tube (OD in Inches) SortWall Thickness Of Tube (WT in AWG) SortColor SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
Rti10000.50014 - 20BlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti10020.50014 - 20WhiteCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti10030.50014 - 20Mid GrayCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti10040.50014 - 20Dark GrayCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti2640.50014 - 20BlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Ti400.62514 - 20BlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti9660.62514 - 20WhiteCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti11270.62514 - 20Light GrayCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti2190.62514 - 20GrayCallSamplePricesOrder
Ti520.75014 - 20BlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti2160.750 Heavy Duty14 - 20BlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti9530.75014 - 20WhiteCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti2140.75014 - 20GrayCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti1140.75014 - 20RedCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti1340.75014 - 20Mid BlueCallSamplePricesOrder
Ti60.87514 - 20BlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti10570.87514 - 20RedCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti15161.00014 - 20BlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti9621.00014 - 20WhiteCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti9581.00014 - 20GrayCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti10321.00010 - 14BlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti10341.00010 - 14WhiteCallSamplePricesOrder
Ti91.00010 - 14BlackCallSamplePricesOrder
Rti9601.00010 - 14GrayCallSamplePricesOrder
Other sizesplease clickon the Tube Insertslink at thetop of this pageSamplePricesOrder