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Weld Nut Pull Plugs

Benefits of using Weld Nut Pull Plugs include:

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"Component Force are one of our most reliable suppliers. Our contact Callum is very nice, helpful and cheerful. He’s helped us out when no one else could, and we really appreciate it."
S Murphy, Purchasing & Production


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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortPlug Diameter - Inches SortPlug Length - Inches SortPlug Diameter - mm SortPlug Length - mm SortColor SortMin quantity SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
WPP01730.1731.0004.4mm25.40mmRed5001 WeekSamplePricesOrder
WPP02170.2171.0005.5mm25.40mmBlue500In stockSamplePricesOrder
WPP02240.2241.0005.7mm25.40mmGray5001 WeekSamplePricesOrder
WPP0283L0.2831.0007.2mm25.40mmYellow500In stockSamplePricesOrder
WPP03460.3461.0008.8mm25.40mmPink500In stockSamplePricesOrder
WPP04130.4131.00010.5mm25.40mmGreen250In stockSamplePricesOrder
WPP04390.4411.00011.2mm25.40mmPurple250In stockSamplePricesOrder
WPP04900.4881.00012.4mm25.40mmWhite250In stockSamplePricesOrder
WPP05180.5201.00013.2mm25.40mmGray2501 WeekSamplePricesOrder
WPP05450.5431.00013.8mm25.40mmRusty250In stockSamplePricesOrder
WPP05800.5791.00014.7mm25.40mmRed250In stockSamplePricesOrder