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Square Masking Discs

Benefits of using Square Masking Discs include:

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"Yes the order came and the service was fab. It was particularly useful to have samples.
I will be back."
D Armstrong, Purchaser


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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortDisc Size - Inches SortDisc Size - mm SortDiscs per Roll SortColor SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
PSD02500.250 x 0.2506.35mm x 6.35mm1000GreenCallSamplePricesOrder
PSD03750.375 x 0.3759.53mm x 9.53mm1000GreenCallSamplePricesOrder
PSD05000.500 x 0.50012.70mm x 12.70mm1000GreenCallSamplePricesOrder
PSD06250.625 x 0.62515.88mm x 15.88mm1000GreenCallSamplePricesOrder
PSD07500.750 x 0.75019.05mm x 19.05mm1000GreenCallSamplePricesOrder
PSD010001.000 x 1.00025.40mm x 25.40mm500GreenCallSamplePricesOrder
PSD015001.500 x 1.50038.10mm x 38.10mm500GreenCallSamplePricesOrder